I have a blog…

I don’t really journal, and I’m not all that funny, but there have been moments in the recent past where I said ‘man, if I had a blog, this would totally go in there’.  Then later when I try to recall what made that moment so, um, blogworthy (?) I couldn’t recapture that emotional moment.  So now I have a blog.  I’m sure it will sit empty for ages, but when that next moment happens it’ll be there.

I’ll probably post to it from my phone most of the time so I suppose I should have like a blog entry signature that says ‘posted from my Huawei, Google, Nexus 6P so please pardon any typos’ but on the other hand, my ‘edited’ story posts are all full of typos and misstates (thanks for catching those Robin) so why should my random blog entries be any different?

In the meantime, read MURDER BALLAD, and peruse some of the other random shit I throw up here.  Also, the first person who isn’t already one of my ‘special’ friends that posts a comment gets, special access to The Club.  Just putting that out there.

Okay, that’s it, my twitter is chirping up a storm.  Gotta go check and see what part of the world is on fire now.

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