#BishopChurch No.7

    The door closed and I very nearly squealed.  It had been forever since I’d had this much cash all at once.  I’m not kidding, I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I’d had more than a hundred dollars in hand, all at once.  Now, counting the cash Devon had given me for the whiskey and the shower curtains I had almost three hundred clams and they were already on fire, burning a hole in my pocket.
    I also had a case, so that meant I should probably get some sleep.  With real work to do I would want to try and be out of bed before noon tomorrow and it was starting to get late now.  Plus, I still had these bodies to take care of.
    I stuck a hundred dollar bill in an envelope and scribbled my name and apartment number on it and stuck it to the wall next to the door.  A hundred dollars should almost catch me up on my back rent and at the very least postpone my eviction for a couple weeks.  The rest of the cash I folded and stuck in my pants.
    Then I turned my attention to the chore I’d been putting off all day.  I opened the shower curtains and laid the first one out on the floor.  I rolled the first guy off the rug and positioned him square in the center of the plastic sheet.  The curtain was too short to fit the guy without his feet hanging out, so I had to get a little creative.  I spun the guy on the diagonal, which was easier than you would expect now that he was on a brand new sheet of slippery plastic.  Once positioned, I folded the short corners over his face and feet and one of the long corners over his body.  Then I just rolled him up like a giant dead goon burrito.
    The second guy was even easier now that I had my technique down.  I lined them up next to each other and inspected my work.  It was good, not great, but it was dark out and people didn’t tend to hang out in the alleys at night in this part of town.  I had forgotten the twine to keep them wrapped up but I had some duct tape wrapped around the drain pipe of my kitchen sink to fix a small, quarter sized hole that had rusted through a few months back, so I pulled about a six foot length off of that and split it in two.  I taped the outside corners of the curtains and picked up one of the bodies to make sure it held.
    I dragged the wrapped corpses, one at a time, out into the hall then down to the back door and out onto the back stairs.  I wasn’t about to carry them down two flights of stairs, so I just heaved them up over the rail and dropped them onto the pavement.  The good thing about them having been dead most of the day already was that they didn’t really bleed when their heads cracked on the asphalt.
    I popped the trunk on my cruiser and dumped the bodies in then slammed it shut.  I went back up to my apartment, took a swig of bourbon from the plastic bottle and grabbed the envelope from the wall.  I locked up and made my way back down to my car, removed the boot, turned the engine over and drove off to find a good place to dump the bodies.

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